BP1 Symbaloo EDU

27 09 2012

In this weeks session I was introduced to 3 new emergent technologies:

I chose to explore Symbaloo. I really liked the visual interface and I saw several links to existing technologies that I use. I also haveSymbaloo EDU been an iGoogle user, and I recently read that iGoogle would be shutting down soon. Symbaloo had many useful links already set up for me. It had several useful sites such as The Biology Project, The Virtual Frog Dissection, and The Virtual Microscope. These were sites that I have already used and loved in my classroom, so that helped give this site some pull on me. I began playing with a link called The Tissues of Life. It was a great tutorial that I could have used in my class last week. I am really anxious to get in and play explore some of the links provided.

The Interface


This is the iPhone opening menu.

The interface is very intuitive and well designed on the website. It reminded me of my iPhone. That made me say, hmmm…. I wonder if there is an app for this site. I checked the app store and BAM, there is was.  I also took the iPhone app for a test drive.
The app is smooth looking on the initial menus, but if you click on an icon, it sends you to the desktop site. It is tough to see the website menu from an iPhone.  IF they streamline this app to maintain the look and feel of the opening menu, it would provide the user with a more user friendly app.

Customizing your webmix

A webmix is what Symbaloocalls its visual interface. To credit your own, you simply click the “add a new webmix” button at the top. The you click on an empty spot to add a new tile. You can search to see if there is already a tile pre-made for more commonly used sites and use it. You also have the option to create your own custom tiles or modify an existing tile. I created several of my own tiles, by clicking create custom tile.  You can take screen shots of the websites you will be using, crop their logo, and insert it into your tile.

This is my Symbaloo Webmix


Symbaloo EDU has a stunning visual menu system that can cause an ADHD user such as myself to wander off task. I kept finding myself clicking more links and delving into them. If this can have the same effect on my students, I can use this site to take advantage of the students natural curiosity and encourage them to get lost in the links I provide.




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