BP7 Relevant and Innovative Learning Scenario – Animoto Anatomy

16 10 2012

Brief Overview:

Students will research a specific disease or homeostatic imbalance using current technologies available. Students will prepare report  on the homeostatic imbalance worksheet and  a brief Animoto media presentation to share their findings.

I have also used a modified version of this assignment to create digital lab reports in my Astronomy class.

Target Audience:

High School Students in Human Anatomy and Physiology, but easily modifiable for students as early as 7th grade.

In the Astronomy version we added the following supplies

  • Radiometer
  • Hair Dryer
  • Fan
  • Shoe box


• Computer (or smartphone) with internet connection
• Writing utensil
• Homeostatic Imbalance Presentation Planning Template


• Students will define the terms: Symptom, Sign, Diagnosis, Prognosis, Treatment, and Etiology.
• Students will evaluate an article on Wikipedia .
• Students will use Animoto to create a brief presentation or presentations of the disease they have chosen.
• Students will use current technologies such as the internet to explore current research related to a specific topic
• Students will collect, analyze, and draw conclusions from data to create a formal presentation using available technology.
• Students will research and distinguish among common integumentary system disorders in terms of origin, manifestation, and treatments.


1. Students will review the list of homeostatic imbalaces and choose a disease as a topic.
2. Students choosing the same disease will be grouped.

a. No more than 3 students may choose the same homeostatic imbalance.
b. Each group member will be assigned one additional source other than Wikipedia.
c. No 2 students will use the same additional source.

3. Students will read the Wikipedia article and gather the required information from the homeostatic imbalances presentation planning worksheet.
4. Students will read another source from those provided on the Homeostatic Imbalances Presentation Planning worksheet. Students will add the required information from their additional source.
5. Students will gather information from additional sources from their group members.
6. Students will create an account on Animoto.com
7. Students will create one or more Animoto presentations from using the information they have gathered. Their presentation must include

a. The name of the imbalance
b. Signs and Symptoms
c. Causes
d. Diagnosis and Test
e. Treatment, Care, and Prevention
f. Prognosis
8. Students will post links to their presentation on the instructors blog.

Emerging Technology:

Animoto – a simple tool for creating video presentations.

Social Participation:

• Students will work in groups to compare and contrast their research findings.
• Students will view the Animoto presentations of their peers.

Making Connections:

Prior to integrating this project, students have covered the integumentary system, cells and tissues, introduction to chemistry and biochemistry, and the language of anatomy.

By researching disorders, diseases, and conditions the importance and interaction of the previously mentioned topics becomes a more real and relevant to the learner.

The audience will experience a greater sense of novelty having produced their own audio/ visual presentation.


Students will create one or more Animoto presentations.


The Students Animoto presentation will be assessed as well as their Homeostatic Imbalance Project Planning Worksheet using the following rubric

Criteria Mastery 3 points Met expectations 2 points Did not meet expectations 1 point
Definitions All definitions completed adequately 4 or 5 definitions completed or 6 brief definitons 0-3 definitions completed
Alternate names and overview of disease Gave full description of the disease. Included alternate names and areas where those names are usedStudent used both sources Gave good description of the disease  Listed alternate names
Signs and Symptoms Listed and described all signs and symptoms. Student used both sources. Listed and described some symptomsStudent used one source Listed some signs or symptoms
Diagnosis Fully described all diagnostic testStudent used both sources. Described some of the diagnostic testOrListed all diagnostic testStudent used one source Listed some of the diagnostic test
Prognosis Description of the prognosis was complete and clear. Student used both sources Description of the prognosis was incomplete or unclearStudent used one source Description on the prognosis was incomplete and unclearStudent used one source
Treatment, care, and modification of life style Student clearly discussed and explained these these factors.Student used both sources Student briefly discussed these factors .Student used one source Students discussion of these factors was incomplete.
Animoto Student covered all information in the Animoto presentation (s)And successfully posted links to blog Student covered all of the information but did not share the links Student did not cover all the information.
Wikipedia evaluation Student compared and contrasted the Wikipedia article vs their other source. Student compared this information to a peer using the same topic. Student compared and contrasted the Wikipedia article vs their other source. Student did not collaborate with another student. Student did not compare and contrast the articles


  • Students will complete a form on Schoolwires (Google forms may  also be used) reflecting on the project
    • Do they feel the learned anything from this project?
    • Favorite part
    • Least favorite part
    • Suggestions for improvement
  • The instructor will review feedback and implement change as necessary to maximize student achievement.



7 responses

18 10 2012

Jay, I left a comment in Educator studio but I really like this project because it has novelty and the all important “ewe gross” factor that seems to intrigue students. Am I understanding you to mean that this is primarily designed for High school students. Perhaps this assignment could also be repurposed for Middle schoolers. You might want to include Popplet as a pre-Animoto collaborative planning tool. It would be great for your groups to use to pre-plan what they are going to publish in Animoto. I really liked that you used Animoto because it is so multi-channeled. Music, video, text and a novel delivery. Way cool.


18 10 2012
BP9 « Media Rich Engagement- ETC Blog

[…] all, if you would like to see my comments on a really cool science lesson that utilizes Animoto click here. Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:LikeBe the first to like […]


20 10 2012

Jay, your project is very vivid, and eye-catching and I liked the fact that the first thing your students see are examples of various skin conditions. I can honestly see your students reacting to the opening images. You stated that your audience is high school anatomy classes, is it possible that this lesson could translate and be effective in other disciplines, such as language arts or physical education? Have you One suggestion that can add depth to the lesson might be to do a collaborative type of lesson with language arts teachers so that students can learn more details of how to properly cite the sources they use, and formatting academic papers. Animoto seems like it is a great tool that can enhance the learning process for all learners. Thanks for sharing it with us.


20 10 2012
20 10 2012
Sarah Klein

This seems like a very interesting presentation and assessment tool. I really like the idea of Animoto because it allows students to present information in a unique and innovative way. Can these Animoto presentations be downloaded to a computer or can they only be used online? Does this program allow users to choose music or change the background or transitions? I’m sure this program could be useful in a variety of content areas, but I would love to explore more of its functions. It would be great if this program allowed users to record texts for added descriptions.


21 10 2012

It has a large selection if music licensed for use. You may also add your own. Paid accounts can download the presentations. You can choose from around 40 different themes.


20 10 2012
BP9 | Rhythms of the Mind

[…] here to check out the way Jay utilized Animoto for his Anatomy lesson.  You’ll be able to see the […]


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