Week 1 To Publish or Present? Do I want

9 06 2013

Week 1 To Publish or Present?

Do I want to write a paper for publication?

What would be the pros and cons of this? The major benefit of this would be that I do not have to travel to do this. I would not be locked into working around a schedule of a conference. The academic publication does not seem like something that I would like to do.  I like to write for fun and this is just not my style. I enjoyed my journey on writing this and all the information a learned about instruction, but I do not see a personal benefit to publication of this. I also do not think anyone would want to read it.

At first glance of the title “To Publish or Present?, it was a no brainer to present.  After learning of the “the User-friendly” publication, the writing seems to be a useful process to make me a better teacher. It is more of a reflection that will take me in new directions.  The user-friendly seems like something I would enjoy writing.

Would I prefer to present at a conference?

I have attended a Mississippi Science Teacher’s Association (MSTA) conference and a National Science Teacher’s Association conference.(NSTA)  It was a really great experience for me as an educator. I walked away with so many ways to engage my students. I learned to effective instruct and add novelty to the curriculum.

The MSTA surprised me at its offerings.  I was able to attend workshops from super awesome science teachers in our state. Often in education we are given ideas from consultants who have never applied anything they suggest in a classroom. These were real classroom teachers, teaching in poor districts, effectively engaging students.


The NSTA conference is where I was first introduced to Google Docs.  I spent 14 hours a day going from workshop, to presentation, to product demonstration, to lecture. There were so many activities to do that I didn’t even have time to go meet Bill Nye.  Random thought: I totally jusy typed “ There was so many activities…”

I was running across the city of New Orleans getting fit in both body and mind.

The downsides of presenting are:

  • Getting the funding to go
    • Our school district is poor now
    • I can not afford out of pocket expenses
  • It puts me missing work
    • As a teacher that is extra work
      •  I have to create autopilot assignments for my students
      • I have to grade those assignments
    • I would also miss work and lose income from
      • My part time job
      • After school credit recovery
    • Science teacher conventions are more wild than anything I ever saw in college. It is hard to leave one without being tainted.  In a bizarre turn of events, I found out that science teacher convention groupies exist. I ran into situations were I had to tell my roommate, “these people are not coming into my room!!” MY roommate was not heard from again until checkout. He had partied the whole time and was just now grabbing flyers to pretend that he attended presentations. I hate being placed in a situation where I have to be the mature one.

Other than that, I really enjoy geeking out at a science teacher’s convention.

What should I do?




3 responses

11 06 2013
joe bustillos

So which one are you thinking of doing? It sounds like you want to present, but the expenses are in the way. Let’s first see if we can get accepted and then work the finances after the fact. You might find a local organization willing to fund your trip. There are always grants to be had. Don’t let money be the deciding factor.


11 06 2013

I really think I will present, if it is an option at all. Would the Mississippi Science Teacher’s Association be an acceptable place to present?


22 06 2013
Week 3 Leadership Project Hub | Random SamurAye Aye Sanzin

[…] Week 1 To Publish or Present? […]


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