Week 3 – Reading: 50 Shades of Rule # 6

20 06 2013

And all other kinds of calculations

New Balance custom 574

How would you like getting smack with these bad boys?

This book has some great comparisons in it and this weeks reading jumps right in with another great one. It compares a composer to a woman giving birth. I was in ban and I can recall our band director throwing his New Balances at me on more than one occasion. I experienced the same with my pregnant wife, even down to the brand of shoe.   He was a tyrant, but our band was good. Many students would drop out of band after their first practice, but those of  us that chose to stay became part of something great.  I make it sound rough, but he would ease up as we honed our skills. Also in his defense, we were drummers and tended to be quite unruly. Sometimes the shoe sends a message, which would not be conveyed with words.

The “white sheet” reminds me much of my end of course questionnaire that I have my students complete. I like Zander uses it on a regular basis. I may start putting a feedback form out for each unit of study in my class. Students give me great ideas and often let me know what worked and what needed some work in my instruction.

I also feel that since I have started using blended learning through Schoology’s discussion boards, my students now have the power to lead from any chair. They really gave each other great feedback on the boards.  I wish that I had discovered Schoology sooner in the year. It would have been great to use in my AR project.

Rule number 6

Is a great rule to live by, but it has me wondering why the number “6” as a read this.  I am really finding this concept of “the calculating self”  to hit  me on a personal level. I normally live life by rule number 6, but there is a part of me that is highly competitive in the work environment.  I always want to put up numbers that support my superiority as a n employee and leader.  I want me accomplishments to be remembered at work. I do not really have this attitude in any aspect of my life other than work. I have never really been that way as a student, so it has me wondering what drives me to do this at work, but not at school or sports.  My calculating self also emerges in tabletop games, but not video games.

By page 85, thought I had picked up my wife’s copy of 50 Shades of Grey


The Way Things Are, Are The Way Things Are

Great statement from one of my favorite movies, Babe.  Quit resisting what is, accept it,  AND move on  (notice I said “and” , not “but”). Things are not the way we want




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21 06 2013

Jay, I also think that Zander ‘s commentary on the calculating self pinpoints some of my characteristics. There are times when I am my harshest critic, and can be pretty unforgiving of myself for failures or shortcomings. It isn’t always easy to realize that it is our own outlook on life that can end up stunting our human growth. I really appreciated reading this part of the chapter.


21 06 2013

I agree, but I still feel that it also gives me drive to survive.


21 06 2013

Enjoyed your story of the band director who would throw shoes. I wonder what Zander would think of that practice. Yet, interestingly is how that practice, while extreme did elicit success from those who “stuck it out.” Perhaps Zander wouldn’t approve of the practice because it resulted on some students leaving? But maybe the process helped them realize that band wasn’t the passion.


21 06 2013

He never threw shoes at the horn line or underclassmen. People that dropped out, couldn’t handle being told do do something again.


21 06 2013
Week 3 Peer Comment- Jay Sanzin | Media Rich Learning- MAC Blog

[…] Week 3 – Reading: 50 Shades of Rule # 6 […]


26 06 2013

Thanks for sharing the parts of the reading that stood out to you. Really, the band teacher and your pregnant wife both threw their new balance shoes at you? What does that say about your ability to get under their skin? Okay, that was probably the wrong question to ask … but it’s not a comparison that I would easily make. Just sayin’. Too funny.


26 06 2013

Lol, I was never the direct target of my band director. I wish I could say the same about shoes implemented as projectiles from my wife.


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