Week 4 – Reading : Lighting a Spark

25 06 2013

Ben’s dad said,“Certain things in life are better done in person”.  I really felt this way about education, until my experience at Full Sail.  Prior to my Full Sail experience, I had taken several professional development courses and a few online course and do not feel that I gained anything from those courses. What I did learn was what I did not want in an online experience.

Passion is what often drives us.  We were asked earlier  in the course, why we thought that educators were so resistant to the implementation of technology? I now say that my answer is PASSION. Educators who do not have a passion for technology will not implement it into their curriculum. We often see things through our own perspective. If they do not use technology, why should their students?

Current pushes in education are requiring teachers to implement technology in their teaching.  To score highly effective, a teacher must implement technology into the classroom. The teacher will be doing this out of fear. This will produce minimal results. It will produce technology for the sake of technology, not technology for the sake of learning.

How can I get  teachers to enroll in the program that technology will benefit their practice?

1992 Geo Metro LSIThe story about the quarters reminds me of time back in high school. I was taking 3 other people home in my 1992 Geo Metro convertible. I was running out of gas. I had $0.16, so I asked the people who I took home if they had any money. We scraped together another $0.15 cents by the time we collected all their money and cleaned out the seat cushions.  I started pumping gas, while talking to my friends. I looked down and I had pumped around $2. I had no more money and did not know what to do. I approached the cashier and decided to see if I could barter, “ I will gladly trade this thirty one cents and this pack of Quaker Instant Oat meal for the opportunity to return and repay you they money we are short.”  The cashier let us have the gas.




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26 06 2013

I believe that all the instructors that I had in the past and now are compassionate to what they teach. They care for the students, sometimes I have good relationship with my instructors. I remember when I was pregnant with my youngest son, and the doctor put me on bed rest. I still wanted to attend classes, but my instructor Ms. Hightower told me that these medical transcription classes will always be here, but your health comes first. That was during the summer of 2002. When January came I re-enrolled in those classes and graduate that Spring 2003. She was very proud of me. I know sometimes online classes can be mundane not really interacting with people but through email or text or even Skype. It can be overwhelming at times or maybe feel out of the loop. Sometimes, it all be come down to a learning experience.


26 06 2013

I did not mean to come off as saying that all instructors lack passion for what they do. I mean those that refuse to update their curriculum. I know several instructors that teach exactly the same thing now that they taught 15 years ago and get angry when asked to update their material. Their run a lecture based, or teacher centered class. I have had great instructors who do try and teach me skills. All of my instructors here at Full Sail have done a great job. I also have some great teachers working in my department. I hope I did not come off as saying all teachers are bad, that portion was specifically referencing the teachers that I know that are anti-technology ( and I also know a few great teachers who fear technology ) who are capable of using it


26 06 2013

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this week’s reading. What a great assessment on why tech or tech-integration isn’t high on every educators’ list. It is so true that one has to see something there that makes us want to use the stuff. My own connection with tech isn’t something that might have been imagined because I thought of myself as more of a wann-be musician/artist/writer who fell into technology. Granted, I grew up wanting to be an astronaut, so there was that. But even for me, the passion with tech began because I saw it as a way for me to do my writing. Yeah, it’s important to find the passion that means something to you and begin there. It’s not enough that it’s supposed to make our job easier (mostly ’cause it never does… ).


27 06 2013

I really enjoyed your post. Your take on PASSION being the reason educators use or don’t use technology was right on.
There is the persistent theme that you parent how you were parented, you teach how you were taught, etc.. It takes a conscious choice to take a different path.
Geo Metro… $.31=40 miles… Is that right? Couldn’t you just put your feet out the door and push like a skateboard? 😉
Actually, I really did enjoy the story. Thanks for sharing!


28 06 2013

Hey Jay
Interesting idea to discuss “some things are better done in person” in relation to this class.
I also appreciated your comment about passion being a consideration for teachers being hesitant to implement technology. Many teachers are passionate about “delivering their content in person” and not about the arbitrary implementation.
One additional consideration is parents. I have a dear friend who was EXTREMELY displeased with a flipped classroom experience for her daughters. She said, “if the video is teaching then what are we paying the teacher for?” This mother believes teaching is “better done in person!”
Loved the geo metro story. *smiles


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