My Wizard World NOLA experience was spell binding

16 02 2014

My Wizard World NOLA experience was spell binding

I had to make a quick change to thwart the Dalek onslaught.

I had to make a quick change to thwart the Dalek onslaught.I decided to chronicle my adventures in a medium appropriate for an event called a Comic Con. Let me know if you enjoyed it and I will post more

Play by play was given by Commentator Sigma aka The Doctor aka Matt Smith

Play by play was given by Commentator Sigma aka The Doctor aka Matt Smith.I actually just started watching Doctor Who two week prior to this event.
I am totally hooked. 

The Weeping Angels were really great. Lady Loki won best female villain at a long hard costume contest. The contest is to be aired on SyFy's Heroes of Cosplay.

The Weeping Angels were really great.
Lady Loki won best female villain at a long hard costume contest.
The contest is to be aired on SyFy’s Heroes of Cosplay.

The quote in this panel is actually a quote from Michael Rooker's character Merle Dixon.  It was not directly taken from the Q and A panel.

The quote in this panel is actually a quote from Michael Rooker’s character Merle Dixon.
It was not directly taken from the Q and A panel.


Week 4 – Reading : Lighting a Spark

25 06 2013

Ben’s dad said,“Certain things in life are better done in person”.  I really felt this way about education, until my experience at Full Sail.  Prior to my Full Sail experience, I had taken several professional development courses and a few online course and do not feel that I gained anything from those courses. What I did learn was what I did not want in an online experience.

Passion is what often drives us.  We were asked earlier  in the course, why we thought that educators were so resistant to the implementation of technology? I now say that my answer is PASSION. Educators who do not have a passion for technology will not implement it into their curriculum. We often see things through our own perspective. If they do not use technology, why should their students?

Current pushes in education are requiring teachers to implement technology in their teaching.  To score highly effective, a teacher must implement technology into the classroom. The teacher will be doing this out of fear. This will produce minimal results. It will produce technology for the sake of technology, not technology for the sake of learning.

How can I get  teachers to enroll in the program that technology will benefit their practice?

1992 Geo Metro LSIThe story about the quarters reminds me of time back in high school. I was taking 3 other people home in my 1992 Geo Metro convertible. I was running out of gas. I had $0.16, so I asked the people who I took home if they had any money. We scraped together another $0.15 cents by the time we collected all their money and cleaned out the seat cushions.  I started pumping gas, while talking to my friends. I looked down and I had pumped around $2. I had no more money and did not know what to do. I approached the cashier and decided to see if I could barter, “ I will gladly trade this thirty one cents and this pack of Quaker Instant Oat meal for the opportunity to return and repay you they money we are short.”  The cashier let us have the gas.

Week 3 – Reading: 50 Shades of Rule # 6

20 06 2013

And all other kinds of calculations

New Balance custom 574

How would you like getting smack with these bad boys?

This book has some great comparisons in it and this weeks reading jumps right in with another great one. It compares a composer to a woman giving birth. I was in ban and I can recall our band director throwing his New Balances at me on more than one occasion. I experienced the same with my pregnant wife, even down to the brand of shoe.   He was a tyrant, but our band was good. Many students would drop out of band after their first practice, but those of  us that chose to stay became part of something great.  I make it sound rough, but he would ease up as we honed our skills. Also in his defense, we were drummers and tended to be quite unruly. Sometimes the shoe sends a message, which would not be conveyed with words.

The “white sheet” reminds me much of my end of course questionnaire that I have my students complete. I like Zander uses it on a regular basis. I may start putting a feedback form out for each unit of study in my class. Students give me great ideas and often let me know what worked and what needed some work in my instruction.

I also feel that since I have started using blended learning through Schoology’s discussion boards, my students now have the power to lead from any chair. They really gave each other great feedback on the boards.  I wish that I had discovered Schoology sooner in the year. It would have been great to use in my AR project.

Rule number 6

Is a great rule to live by, but it has me wondering why the number “6” as a read this.  I am really finding this concept of “the calculating self”  to hit  me on a personal level. I normally live life by rule number 6, but there is a part of me that is highly competitive in the work environment.  I always want to put up numbers that support my superiority as a n employee and leader.  I want me accomplishments to be remembered at work. I do not really have this attitude in any aspect of my life other than work. I have never really been that way as a student, so it has me wondering what drives me to do this at work, but not at school or sports.  My calculating self also emerges in tabletop games, but not video games.

By page 85, thought I had picked up my wife’s copy of 50 Shades of Grey


The Way Things Are, Are The Way Things Are

Great statement from one of my favorite movies, Babe.  Quit resisting what is, accept it,  AND move on  (notice I said “and” , not “but”). Things are not the way we want

Week 2 Live Classroom Meeting Blog Entry

16 06 2013

Only the copyright owner and those with permission can uses copyrighted material. Any permanently fixed work that can be seen or heard protected by copyright. Books, plays, music, films, and dances are all media, which may be protected by copyright.  Trademark protects logos and patents protect the ideas of inventors. Copyright last for the lifetime of the author plus 70 years and 100 years for a company.


Copyright is not so much concerned with how you acquired the media, it is more concerned with whether or not you have permission to use the media.


Ken Burns made documentaries profitable. But did this effect extend to all documentaries?


I really hate the rules for Fair Use in the classroom. Can’t you essentially  replace any media in a lesson? There are very few exceptions. Media clips enhance lessons.


Fair use in education on applies to public schools.

Publishing online changes the dynamics of  Fair Use.


I believe that fair use applies to news entities such as ABC, NBC, and FOX because they are large corporations and hold tons of power. I believe our  reading assignments this week alluded to the market holding all the power. This would be an example. 

10 06 2013

The Art of Possibility

I am currently reading “The Art of Possibility”  by Rosamund Stone Zander and Benjamin Zander via Adobe Digital Editions. The first statement that really caught my attention in the book “the Art of Possibility” was how they stated that markets are becoming the authority in society, not government or religion.  I can see this statement in action today.

We perceive what we are hard wired to perceive.  Out experiences in life may alter this hardwiring.  Our minds try to build a narrative out of the stimuli that they receive.  In our dreams we can piece together unconnected events to make these stories. In sleep we do not have logic to control these little story lines that we concoct.  Our perception in invented from our brain.

9dotsI tried the 9 dots puzzle in which we were instructed to connect all the dots using only 4 lines, without  picking up the pen from the sheets of paper. I failed miserably.

This was a great analogy for me.  It was a non cliché way to make the cliché statement of “think outside the box”. I was thinking in the box and did not even realize that there was a box holding me in.

Week 1 To Publish or Present? Do I want

9 06 2013

Week 1 To Publish or Present?

Do I want to write a paper for publication?

What would be the pros and cons of this? The major benefit of this would be that I do not have to travel to do this. I would not be locked into working around a schedule of a conference. The academic publication does not seem like something that I would like to do.  I like to write for fun and this is just not my style. I enjoyed my journey on writing this and all the information a learned about instruction, but I do not see a personal benefit to publication of this. I also do not think anyone would want to read it.

At first glance of the title “To Publish or Present?, it was a no brainer to present.  After learning of the “the User-friendly” publication, the writing seems to be a useful process to make me a better teacher. It is more of a reflection that will take me in new directions.  The user-friendly seems like something I would enjoy writing.

Would I prefer to present at a conference?

I have attended a Mississippi Science Teacher’s Association (MSTA) conference and a National Science Teacher’s Association conference.(NSTA)  It was a really great experience for me as an educator. I walked away with so many ways to engage my students. I learned to effective instruct and add novelty to the curriculum.

The MSTA surprised me at its offerings.  I was able to attend workshops from super awesome science teachers in our state. Often in education we are given ideas from consultants who have never applied anything they suggest in a classroom. These were real classroom teachers, teaching in poor districts, effectively engaging students.


The NSTA conference is where I was first introduced to Google Docs.  I spent 14 hours a day going from workshop, to presentation, to product demonstration, to lecture. There were so many activities to do that I didn’t even have time to go meet Bill Nye.  Random thought: I totally jusy typed “ There was so many activities…”

I was running across the city of New Orleans getting fit in both body and mind.

The downsides of presenting are:

  • Getting the funding to go
    • Our school district is poor now
    • I can not afford out of pocket expenses
  • It puts me missing work
    • As a teacher that is extra work
      •  I have to create autopilot assignments for my students
      • I have to grade those assignments
    • I would also miss work and lose income from
      • My part time job
      • After school credit recovery
    • Science teacher conventions are more wild than anything I ever saw in college. It is hard to leave one without being tainted.  In a bizarre turn of events, I found out that science teacher convention groupies exist. I ran into situations were I had to tell my roommate, “these people are not coming into my room!!” MY roommate was not heard from again until checkout. He had partied the whole time and was just now grabbing flyers to pretend that he attended presentations. I hate being placed in a situation where I have to be the mature one.

Other than that, I really enjoy geeking out at a science teacher’s convention.

What should I do?

MAC Week 1 – Peer Comment

9 06 2013

To re-mix or not to re-mix? That is the question.

(MAC Reading Blog-Week 1)

original post

I wonder how many people actually realize that Disney’s The Lion King is Shakespeare’s Hamlet “remixed”.   In fact, Disney is known for fierce copyright infringement prevention (and legal enforcement) but few, in fact, very few of the Disney stories are completely original. (In fact, there are even some who question if Shakespeare was the original author of some of his works.) Yet, I would be devastated, and feel like my children’s lives were missing something, if they hadn’t grown up on these Disney stories, and I am pretty sure that Disney writers didn’t get Shakespeare’s approval.  Oh, wait, he’s been dead long enough (over 70 years past his lifetime) where it doesn’t legally matter.  But isn’t the idea the same?

THOROUGHLY enjoyed the discussion of copyright, the ever so tiny “freeing” that fair use might provide, and the potential opportunities of Creative Commons and its mission.  I really appreciated the presentation of the material because of the multiple considerations.

  •  A work must be “published” to fall under copyright protection because that means the author is through creating it
  • Copyright is not about usage, it is about permission
  • Improvisational material can not be covered by copyright
  • Copyright protects intellectual property thereby encouraging artists to create because they are protected
  • Copyright is “withhibiting” culture (LOVED the new word…is IT copyright protected?)
  • Copyright law undermines creative abilities
  • Impact of piracy is grossly overstated
  • Digital downloading “killed” the music business
  • Copyright law is about “turf wars”

The back and forth of the two sides was intellectually stimulating and exhausting.  One presenter would present his/her argument and my thought was, “exactly…that’s right.”  Then the next presenter would present the opposing side and my thought was, “exactly…that’s right.”  And I am NOT a fence rider by nature, but clearly both sides of the argument have valid points.

Enter the idea of Fair Use, or rather the ability to use material to teach, tell the news, share a parody or critical comment, providing the use is transformative, proportionate to purpose, credits the source, and has no commercial impact (after all, the REAL ones making the money in all of these conflicts does seem to be the attorneys.)

I appreciate that Fair Use is not a blank check of free use because it is not a “right” but rather a “legally defensible position,” but it does allow for increased opportunities to use creative material for the right purpose in the right amount.

And then there is Creative Commons.  Perhaps Larry Lessig describes it best as “BALANCE” because it allows for protection for the creator as well as opportunities to remix and make “new stuff from old stuff.”  I buy into the idea that Creative Commons returns common sense back to the argument by providing the right of creators to exercise their copyright more ways and more simply.  This gives their creation an opportunity to grow and evolve.

My Reply

I really like the idea of removing extremism on both sides by restoring common sense balance to it all.  I am excited to create again…and will resist the temptation to quote more Shakespeare.  (*smiles)

Hamlet, Shakespeare, 1676 - 0001

The tragedy of The Tragedy of Hamlet is that we are made to read it and not watch it.

That is really awesome, I have never made the connection between Hamlet and The Lion King.  Random deviation: Why do we spend so much time in English classes studying Shakespeare? I read a minimum of two works from Shakespeare each year of high school.  Not that I don’t think his work was good, but why read it? Why do we spend so much time reading a play? In the future will they read movie scripts in English class? Shouldn’t Shakespeare belong in Theatre Appreciation? End random tangent.

Disney will soon own the most of the media world. Right now this is a good thing. They have done a great job with their Marvel comic book titles.  I am really excited about them acquiring Lucasarts. George Lucas gave us an awesome creation in Star Wars, but he was both the best and worst thing to it. But what will happen when Disney owns everything and they no longer have any competition? We have seen this type of situation occur in the world of sports entertainment. Vince McMahon purchased WCW and ECW. Innovation in the industry was lost.

I also really enjoyed this week’s lessons on copyright and fair use. I think there is much fair about fair use.  I am glad we have been introduced to Creative Commons.  I really hated having fair use in teaching defined for me. Now I know what I am violating.  This is especially true with music. Many times I would mix in some good ole 90’s alternative, alternative music that was made by guys who listened to Metallica, Johnny Cash, Bo Marley, and Run DMC, and said I want to make a song like that. Modern alternative bands are bands that listened to Pearl Jam and Nirvana and tried to bottle it into a marketable product.  I would play this music as the soundtrack for media presentations. The students would be engaged. At the end, students would always say, “Mr. Sanzin, I loved that song!”. I became the MTV that my students needed, not the MTV they deserved (Hail BATMAN!!!).  So I feel like I’m in violation of copyright, but I actually just gave a free advertisement for a band that would not get any radio airplay in today’s music industry.



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