The first battle of Spider-Man vs. the Lizard: Classic HeroClix Match-Ups

22 06 2014

I like the concept behind this guys blog. He gives you a scenario to set up.
The Lizard he uses appears to be #30 from The Amazing Spider-man set. The Spider-man would seem to be #24 from this same set. Both are common figures from that set. I am not sure of the point total of the Gator tokens.  I am also assuming this is considered a 200 point game, because Spider-man is 125 points. That Means 2 moves per turn.

The Lizard

The Lizard

This Lizard starts off with charge, blades-fangs-claws, toughness, and shape change.  An attack value of 10 vs  Spider-man’s 18 defense is going to require an attack roll of 8 or better, and then you have to hope he doesn’t make his danger sense roll.  If you do hit, I would go for blades-fangs-claws and hope to roll higher than 3. Even if you only hit with a 1 or 2, it will still lower his defense to a 17. This will allow the gator tokens a better chance of hitting. The Lizard will have a hard time hitting  Spider-man, but if he does hit you will have the chance of wiping him out in 1-2 turns. Get the gators in quick .

If Lizard wins, he will do it fast with 1 figure and 3 tokens attacking on his team.  Also note, at click 2 he gains an extra attack as a free action.  Spidey will have 2-3 attack coming at him per round.









This is a common pull from The Amazing Spider-man set.

Spider-man will have a mud h easier time hitting the Lizard. He will need to only roll a 6 or better. He should also get the first strike due to his ability The Agility of a Spider, which gives him hypersonic speed allowing him to move 7 spaces and attack.  The downside is that this first attack will only deal 1 point of damage to the Lizard, because of his toughness.

The next bad news is that you do not have willpower or indomitable. You  are also the only figure on this force, so you will only be moving every other turn  to avoid pushing damage, until click 4. Also notice at click 4, you will do no damage to Lizard if he is at click 1-4.

This will be a long battle for Spidey.

Images are taken from

HeroClix Danger Room

Amazing Spider-Man #6:

“Half-Man…Half-Reptile…the Lizard will take over all of the earth unless Spider-Man alone can stop him!”

The Lizard has appeared, “without warning, in the murky swamps of Florida’s Everglades.” In an attempt to regrow his missing arm, Curtis Connors has turned himself into a crazed and aggressive monster. Only Spider-Man can stop him!

Spider-Man 125 vs the Lizard 88.

Just like in the comic, the lizard also has the assistance of four huge obedient alligators. Each is a one click creature with a 5 movement, a 9 attack with blades/claws fangs, a 16 defense with toughness and a 3 damage.

Good luck! And please email us and let us know who wins in your game!

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Fear Itself – My First Heroclix Tournament

22 06 2014

Last month I played in my first ever Heroclix tournament at Jak’s in Biloxi. The tournament was a Fear Itself sealed booster tournament with 500 point teams.

This is Nul aka The Hulk with a hammer from fear itself.

This is Nul aka The Hulk with a hammer from fear itself.

What that means is that we received 2 booster packs, opened them, and then had to build our team from figures we pulled out of those packs.   This is a really good format  for me as a new competitive player.  With this style of tournament, most of the players had no experience  playing with these particular figures.  We all had to quickly learn what our figures could do.

The tournament was Swiss format. This basically means  we  were allowed to keep playing, win or lose. We ended up playing 3 rounds each. Score was kept for the figures we defeated. Score only matters in the event of a tie.

The Breaker of Worlds

Indomitable gives a figure permanent Willpower. Use this to move and deal damage faster in the game.

Nul was my favorite pull from my boosters.  From what I have gathered on the character, Nul is The Hulk after he has taken an Asgardian Hammer (Like Thor’s Hammer).  The overall strategy is to run in an smash.  This figure was 300 points by itself. It had indomitable, which allows it to move 2 turns in a row without taking push damage.  As the tournament progressed, I realized how awesome  this was. I basically lost my second match because I did not use this ability.

I also learned that I should always read my opponents ability cards for myself. I did not use indomitable, because my opponent had an ability that would not allow any character in range of it to have 2 action tokens. After I lost, the judge pointed out that this ability would have only worked on figures that cost less than 240 points.

Nul has a range of 4. Normally in Heroclix, a range of 4 is not much use. 8 to 10 is what I usually look for, but in Fear Itself many of the characters have a range of 0. Nul also could use running shot. This allows him to move up to 5 spaces and make a ranged attack in the same move. As part of his special ability that allows him to to this, he takes a -1 to damage. Even after this -1, he will still hit for 4 clicks of damage.

I tied for 3rd place in the tournament. I learned a lot about the game by playing. IT was well worth the $25 entrance fee. I had a great time.

As of this post, I have participated in my second tournament, The War of Light. It was held on 6/14/2014. Month 2 will be held on 7/12/2014 at Jak’s in Biloxi and possibly a new gaming store found in Gautier, MS called MacNarb Gaming.

You can look for tournaments in your area using the Wizkids event system


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